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I’ve admired Sonia‘s paintings for a long time and I’ve watched her improve throughout the years.   I just love her paintings so I’m buying quite a few and I encourage you all to have them in your homes.  They are beautiful paintings.  Sonia is very talented artist.  She’s going to make it big with these paintings.  I’m so proud to be a friend of hers.   When I walk by her beach paintings on my wall,  I smile because I admire them and they are more special to me because I know her.  I’ve watched her improve as an artist throughout the years.  It’s amazing;  Sonia, I love your paintings.  I am your biggest fan! —- by Irene Pereira (Mississauga, Ontario)

I met Sonia at her art exhibit at celebration square. I couldn't help but to notice her work from a distance and decided to check out her work. Not only was I amazed at the beautiful art that she created and the the gem stone designs that she incorporated  into her work, but also deeply fell in love with her fengshui art so much that I took her business card and contacted her the same night.

Something that I like about Sonia is that She is a very nice and creative individual who takes a lot of pride in her work and if she is working on a piece, she gives you periodic updates on how the design is coming along.

She surprised me with her draft of the fengshui art and successfully incorporated the elements that I wanted so badly that I told her to start on it right away. The piece of art now hangs in my room beautifully. Thank you Sonia. I will be purchasing more pieces from you. You are very talented at what you do! —–-  by N.S. (Brampton, Ontario)

Feng-Shui Art worked great wonders for me.  I was going through a tough time in life and was seeking peace, growth and prosperity in life. I wasn’t sure where to look for. Then I came across Sonia’s fengshui art. Sonia incorporated all these feng-shui elements according to the feng-shui chart into my artwork.

In the painting; for growth, she gave me the Bamboos symbolizing growth and green color. For peace, she added the lotus pond for a Zen peaceful feeling. Because the number is 4 of the south-east corner, she added only 4 lotus flowers in full bloom along with some budding ones. And for prosperity, she added the Vase in the center as a focal point for personal abundance, where the beautiful stream flows this abundance towards me from the mountains of stability.

Then she asked me to hang it in a certain corner of my home. I must say that within 3 weeks, I started seeing the effects of the painting. My husband got promoted in his job reflecting prosperity; In 3 months, my daughter who was diagnosed with an illness recovered after a surgery giving me much peace; And in 6 months, I moved and grew on to higher paying and more satisfying job.

I couldn’t ask for more. I am extremely satisfied with this form of feng-shui art and I recommend others to give it a try, because I know for sure that it really works. —–- T.G. (Oakville, Ontario)

There were hardly any artist who specialized in feng shui form of art. I am so glad to have found Sonia’s feng shui art, she makes beautiful paintings with all the elements incorporated in her artwork. I totally believe that all objects have energy and so does Art or paintings. I love her innovation and am glad that she is doing such lovely work. I will be coming back for more. —–- P.G. (Mississauga, Ontario).


Powerful Feng Shui Art brings what you seek in life and fulfills your dreams and wishes. Display it in the assigned corner of your home, office or any space and make it work. Feng Shui Art is carefully planned in accordance to the fengshui bagua chart and as per the fengshui principles and elements to make it work as a cure/remedy. Learn More on how it works…

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