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   How do you incorporate feng shui elements in the artwork?

I work with the feng shui Bagua chart. As per the Bagua, a space is divided into 9 corners and each corner has an assigned element, number, shape, color, body parts, etc. I take up to 3 things to implement in the artwork amongst Love,  Health,  Career,  Children,  Relationships,  Wealth,  Success, Fame, Pregnancy, Prosperity, Peace, Growth, Reputation, Romance, Marriage,  Happiness, Education, Mentors, Focus, Clarity, Abundance, Travel, etc. as per the requirement of a client. With those elements in mind, I conceptualize the elements and make a rough draft of how it will be placed in an artwork to make it work and also look beautiful. I will then send the draft to the buyer for their approval before I begin painting the powerful feng shui art.

   How does feng shui art work in attracting what is seeked?

According to feng shui, everything around us radiates energy commonly known as 'Chi' or ‘Qi’ which should always be free flowing without any obstructions in the way. Everything has energy, even inanimate objects including paintings or any form of artwork. And when placed in the assigned corners of a home, they work like magic to bring the best into your lives. Therefore, when the principles of feng shui are incorporated into an artwork, it becomes very powerful cure/remedy and starts to attract the things one seek in life.

   How does healing plants and gemstones work in an artwork?

Solar energy is the most powerful healing energy. Healing plants and gemstones are healing in nature because they have captured the energy from the sun thus making them capable of healing. They are energized and hold this energy intact. This energy is then observable if near to us, as it begins to flow from the energized object towards us. The object could be a plant, stones, painting, decorative piece, etc.

    What is the glass-like finishing medium that you use over the painting?

The shiny glass-like finish is acquired by the application of a heavy-duty resin over the artwork to protect it and last through generations. It also gives the painting a beautiful and expensive look.

   What are the other forms of art you do?

Besides Feng Shui Art, I do Mixed Media artwork on canvas, where I embellish the artwork with beads (Swarovski), rhinestones, gold leaf, sparkle, etc. I also work with themes such as landscapes, abstracts and portraits. Check out my Gallery or Etsy Page.

   Where are you located and what is the best way to contact you?

I am based in Mississauga(Toronto), Canada. The best way to contact me is by sending me an email at info@soniafineartist.ca. I can also be reached by Instragram:  @soniafineartist

   What are the methods of payments you use?

We use PayPal, and all credit cards, visas, etc., as well as cash for the locals. We do not accept cheques.

   Where do you ship to?

We ship anywhere worldwide.

   Do you charge shipping costs?

No, shipping is FREE anywhere in the world.