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Art is all around us, it is in the nature, in creatures, and in the air we breathe. I believe art is a vital part of life, without it life would be dull. We need art to help us grow, and as an artist, my role is to help people realize this reality through my art.

I feel Art is a form of meditation. For me, to paint is to meditate, you must let it flow thru you. I strongly believe that I am a medium, not an artist, and that I am being used by guides and super natural sources to create the works of art. Each and every blank canvas has already been predestined. The artwork has already been conceptualised, planned and created, and I was being used only as a medium to bring the art to reality!  Nevertheless, I would say, a part of my soul is embedded in each of my paintings and I have released them to this world to spread the joy and happiness thru generations to come.

I use different mediums such as oils, acrylics and mixed media on canvas or wood. Although, I have a vision of how my painting would look at the end, it always surprises me with the outcome which is quite unexpected. For me, it is a better version of my vision and is a delightful surprise and I enjoy it the most. (I think this is why I feel I am just a medium, the actual artist is someone else behind me).

My favourite themes are landscapes and feng shui. Art plays a big role in feng-shui as it is believed that everything around us exuberates energy commonly known as 'Chi' which should always be free flowing without any obstructions in the way. Even inanimate objects like paintings have flowing energy. And when placed in the assigned corners of a home, they become a remedy to whatever a person is seeking in life, whether it is peace, prosperity, happiness, harmony, success, money, growth, relationships, etc. These paintings are well thought-out pieces of work where I combine feng shui principles, elements, colors, shapes and numbers to create a remedy to fulfil a wish and attract what a person is seeking in his/her life.

Currently, I am working on my Beach Collection. The paintings in this collection are usually large in size and you can view them here: Go to Beach Collection.

I hope viewers can relate through my paintings and that they will inspire them to touch their own souls and connect with their own higher realms.  Please do not hesitate to connect with me if you are interested in any of my masterpieces. I also do create customized conceptualised paintings as per your choice of colours and feng shui needs for cures and remedies.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my work & I look forward to hearing back from you soon! — Sonia

Updated: Jan 2021

Artist: Sonia Ahluwalia

Email: info@soniafineartist.ca